Hi there, I'm Sean – and I LOVE photographing weddings. As a photographer, nothing excites me more than being able to share in your beautiful love story; documenting all the moments and highlights in between.

Weddings and wedding photography are very close to my heart – I’ve really grown to love being part of the wedding day! 

I offer a unique combination of real, documentary style images of the intimate moments, and cinematic portraits to mark the occasion.

I work in a subtle and unobtrusive manner, capturing the true emotion and vibe of your day as it unfolds. However I do love a good ‘hero shot’ (think wow factor, drama, lots of fun!)



Sean is committed to the process of creating the best experience for his clients on their wedding day.  He has an open and collaborative approach that allows each couple to fully participate in capturing the vision that they hold for their special day. It is important to Sean that his clients receive all that they need from their experience with him. His clients are free to contact him with any questions they have throughout their wedding journey and he hopes to support them in any way he can – building relationships that creates a comfortable and relaxed situation. This allows him to capture amazing photos that portray a true sense of who his clients are individually, and as a couple.

✓ Values quality and professionalism

✓ Great to work with

✓ Creates an enjoyable experience

✓ Approachable

✓ Versatile

✓ Adaptable





Once you have had a look at the website or have any questions about working with Sean you can contact him HERE



After speaking with Sean directly, there will be an initial consultation. The initial consultation is a space where you can come in and get to know Sean and discuss the possibilities that would be best for your wedding. During this consultation, he will talk with you about your timeline, vision, and any important questions you may have. It will also give you the opportunity to look through some samples of his photography and to see the way in which he can tell a story through his work.



An engagement shoot with Sean will give the couple the opportunity to meet with him and begin building a relationship with him before wedding day, get a sense of what their preferences may be and have a clearer sense of what it is like to be in front of the camera.  An engagement shoot is a great way to become familiar with the experience of working with him and to capture even more of the wedding memories and journey. The photos taken during an engagement shoot are also perfect for save the dates, invitations or to be used as part of a signature frame.



After meeting with Sean you will be free to contact him at any point with your thoughts or questions.  To make sure you get the best out of your wedding day, Sean typically scouts the venue & locations. This allows him to see what the final ceremony preparations are and gives him the chance to offer any advice that will allow for the best opportunity possible to take your photos.



On the wedding day it is a priority for Sean to make you feel comfortable and relaxed so that he can capture the best moments of you throughout the day.  By doing this, he can document the day running as smoothly as possible and can capture you enjoying one of the most important days of your life. Sean is committed to capturing all of the special details of your day that you have spent so long planning along with the unexpected moments that make your day uniquely yours. He prides himself on being able to preempt what happens throughout the day and being able to capture the emotion of your special moments.


Sean is a professional photographer, capturing shared moments of celebration, love, and connection between couples, their families and friends. He considers it an honour and privilege when couples choose him to shoot their wedding as he greatly enjoys sharing in each unique experience that a couple creates for their wedding day.

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